So, this blog has been a while in the making... not that I think that people will want to read about my mundane life. I'm an average 20 something fresh out of a liberal arts college with a degree in Classical Archaeology, which I'll never use. But I digress, "Apparently an Adult" came to mind when I graduated this past January and decided to move in with my fiance. It suddenly hit me that with a piece of paper and a new address I was expected to go from being a student hyped up on Diet Coke and coffee, who could call mom and dad for help, to a bona fied adult, one expected to pay bills, get a real job and decorate an apartment rather than just throwing a mattress on the floor. Apparently, I was now an adult.

Get it? It's cheesy I know, but I'm sure that there are millions of college grads with the same feelings towards the "real world", and realize that college may or may not have been the best way to prepare for it.

This blog is to document my transition and maybe help out a few others. I'm good in the kitchen, have a ton of family recipes I'm willing to share with anyone who loves to cook. I've inherited some crafting genes from an artistic family, which were cultivated through four years of Greek Life, a but load of puffy paint, and paddle making.

Now, the big question. Why didn't I start this blog in January 2013 like I wanted to? Well, the answer is life happened. I got a job, my fiance and I found out I was pregnant, we got married, and bought a house! See? Life. Apparently I am an adult, though it still hasn't sunk in. Enjoy!